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I discover the magic checkbox that changes my status from ‘men’ to ‘BFF’ and breathe a sigh of relief. In the interest of friendship, I decide to be open and honest about why I’m on the app. I’m the founder and editor-in-chief of The Mom Edit, and we’re doing a special event in Philadelphia (at Morgan’s Pier, holla) with Bumble BFF on July 13th. ” But if you’re not Of the three women I met through Bumble BFF, Beth was the only one who showed. I add photos, and update my bio to include a bit about myself, but also about the event I’m hosting with Bumble BFF. I mean….nothing beats having the balls to walk up to someone and say, “you look cool – let’s be friends!The idea with the revamp is to make Skype a better tool for the sort of communication and sharing that takes place among members of Skype’s more closely connected network, which often includes family and friends.That means Skype is tacking on ephemeral sharing as part of its feature set, along with Stories, and other camera-first inspired features.Microsoft today is launching a completely revamped version of its Skype application, with a new set of features that draw obvious inspiration from messaging rivals, like Messenger and Snapchat.

What if this women is curing cancer or has a dry sense of humor or a passion for mathematics?? As did “avid reader of sci-fi, lover of political debates”. And in Philly, there are more women from which to choose. I sit back, waiting for my new friends to come ‘a callin. Swiping left/right isn’t new, but using a dating app to find a BFF sure is.“If social networks have given you the stage on which to perform your life, the new Skype gives you the additional equivalent of the local coffeehouse or corner pub, where you meet people on a daily basis to deepen your relationships,” explains Amritansh Raghav, Corporate Vice President of Skype, about the new design’s focus on enhancing users’ real social connections.“We call that set of interactions your personal network,” he says.The ones who can tell at fifty paces away that it’s been a long week and you need a drink? The ones who can instinctively see through your bullshit? The ones who will fly cross-country to cheer you up for the 3rd chemo treatment because it’s the second to last and somehow emotionally the hardest? (Bear in mind that Mike and I just celebrated our…for it…. I’m only annoyed that I didn’t turn the camera around on you! xo S A huge thank you to Bumble for sponsoring this post!The ones who love your kids even when they are being little shits and seamlessly insert themselves into the parent role when you just. The ones who are willing to pick you back up both figuratively and literally because somehow, over time, your heartbeats have synchronized (as well as your periods, haha), and you have come to realize that burdens shared are burdens lightened, yet joy shared is exponential joy, it’s joy to the power of eleven – at . They make me a better parent, a better wife, and they give me the space (and support) to be exactly who I am. I love your badass, pro-feminist vibe, I love how you embrace individuality, and I love how you support women supporting women. I have super high hopes for Bumble BFF, and I feel so honored to be part of the journey.

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