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With an abundance of in house amenities to enhance your stay, our spacious apartments are fitted with separate kitchen, dining and living areas so you feel at home while staying in town.

It can be difficult to locate an accommodation that’s suitable for family.

If you’re in Geneva for a few days, a couple of weeks or long term, at our residence, you can rest assured that we have all the services and amenities available to make your stay in town a special one.

Well served by an excellent public transport network that comprises of trains, metros and trams, you can uncover the treasures of the city with the help of Fraser Suites Geneva.

Wake up and enjoy some delightful breakfast options in our dining room with the all-important coffee boost so you can get on with your day.

At Fraser Suites in Geneva we go that extra mile so you don’t have to. With an abundance of restaurants, great bars, unrivalled cultural attractions like Lake Geneva, it’s a city for travellers who are looking at a destination with lots of different options.

At Fraser Suites we understand it can be difficult being away from home with a young family so we’re on hand to make your apartment your home from home while in Geneva.

Strategically located in central Geneva, we’re one of the closest hotels near Geneva Airport, as commuting time from the airport to our building is only around 20 minutes via a taxi.

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The location of our serviced residence in the business hub of Rue Du Marché enables easy access to the cities banks and other important government offices for people visiting here for work.

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At Fraser Suites Geneva our two bedroom apartments have ample room and are served with a number of amenities to make you never want to leave.

These larger residences are great for guests looking for a larger kitchen and bathroom. Fraser Suites Geneva offers contemporary and generous serviced apartments that have built in entertainment systems so you can enjoy music while getting ready before venturing out during the day or at night.

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