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BAH had to build not only hangarage but complete housing estates to accommodate the staff and their families. In the meantime everyone had to manage as best as they could!Initial relief for the staff and families was provided by the local council.For the first two months we hired a caravan situated some five miles north of Sumburgh airport.The Shetland Isles consist of hundreds of islands with the largest, known as Mainland, some 70 miles in length in an inverted “L” shape.Harvey Pole was the Station Engineer for BAH and he and his team of stalwarts performed miracles in keeping the initial S61N flying in spite of the cold, the wet and the wind.

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Fortunately, this contingency action was only required on a relatively small number of occasions before the new hangar became usable.Shetland was and is a very rural community with wild picturesque countryside none of which is more than a very short distance from the sea.Huge precipitous cliffs and rocky headlands abound everywhere.My decision had a more altruistic side: BAH were recruiting new pilots at a great pace for the expansion in Shetland and it seemed rather inappropriate not to have someone with S61 experience permanently present on the base. As mentioned earlier, selling my house on the south side of Aberdeen was easy.Finding somewhere to live in Shetland was something else.

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