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Post-Big Brother, Song appeared in an episode of the CBS sitcom Yes, Dear as herself in a special Big Brother themed episode.

Prior to the show, Song worked as a manager in product development at an investment bank in New York, NY, where she had started as an executive assistant five years prior.

People think I'm rich but I haven’t worked for three years so not a lot is left. Davy works intensely hard to support me and Noah, but it is hard living off one wage.

For now I am content as a housewife, but I hope to contribute more soon. S.) and continues to comment about the show on her own blog, Jun

Although by no means liked by her housemates, Jun was complimented for having acute strategy and subtly commanding control over the game.

Throughout the game, Song used her relationship with Choe to further herself in the game.Jun took a personal leave of absence to enter the Big Brother 4 house.Song is one of the five Asian contestants in Big Brother US history and one of six female winners to date.By a 2-0 vote, Choe was unanimously evicted from the house.In week 9, Song was nominated for eviction for a second time by Head of Household Robert Roman.

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