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The Brooklyn man was a convicted gun dealer out on parole.Cocaine and marijuana was found on the floor of the rental truck and in Brandon's backpack, reported the New York Daily News.

Crews had responded to the scene after Brandon, who was driving an Enterprise box truck, hit seven vehicles between 42nd and 44th Streets in the neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen around 1.40pm, the FDNY said.Tolentino was dragged under the truck for a quarter mile before the truck was able to stop.She believes the other two cars were racing at the time of the accident.'From my perspective, when I was seeing them both kind of trying to get to the first spot I guess, in my heart, I believe that they were racing,' she told KTLA5.Brandon then came irate and climbed into the fire truck and assaulted a member of the fire department who was sitting in the driver's seat - slamming his head and body into the fire truck's front console.The truck's horn is heard blowing as the crew mobs the door and manage to pull Brandon out.

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