Updating appliances

Step 1 - Login to the VAMI interface of VIN (https://[VIN-IP]:5480) and under the Update tab and make a note of the the default repository URL.

Step 2 - Download build shell script and upload that to a Linux based web server which will automatically build out our update repository.

updating appliances-87

The second is an additional file that is under the pool-package directory which maybe required depending on the virtual appliance in question.However, there are environments where network connectivity to VMware's online repository is just not possible or the update repository must be hosted internally due to security requirements and this is where the third option can be used.The process to setup your own update repository is not really documented and I have been noticing more requests from customers looking for a way to update or upgrade their VMware virtual appliances without requiring access to VMware's online repository.The Stratodesk Virtual Appliance is a "server-type" Linux system and as such of course can be updated.In fact, the Virtual Appliance consists of three separate modules when viewed from an updating and maintenance perspective: For any type of updates to work, your VA needs to be able to connect to the Internet, specifically to the Stratodesk and Ubuntu update servers, outbound port 80 (HTTP) and port 443 (HTTPS).

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