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You want to get the list of site templates for the site collection.

Additionally, you want the list of list templates for each site.

CANON i MAGE GATEWAY also serves as a bridge site to send images wirelessly to e-mail addresses, social networking services, and other Web services.

Click cig, access the appropriate CANON i MAGE GATEWAY site for your country of residence, and follow the on-screen instructions to register as a member.

Here is a sample application that provides a document check-in and check-out capability through a new Web service.

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The second example, "Share Point explorer," provides a much more comprehensive sample of how to use and work with the Share Point Web services and Web methods.

The Web Service paradigm is currently considered as the most promising and rapidly evolving technology for developing applications in open, distributed and heterogeneous environments.

This program is an assignment for a gradute class I am taking at Regis University and the assignment is to implement the following design pattern. I have provided a link to the Github page of the source code.

Github link So from the above the diagram, the following need to be accomplished Because of other constraints ( the need for a Navigation Drawer), I am using a Fragment instead of an Activity and I am using the Support Library for backward compatibility. It is recommended that you follow the official tutorial of the Content Provider and the Loader API if you have not done so already.

The sample application provides a user interface to explore all Web methods.

You can browse the Web services and Web methods, display the SDK help page, enter the input values, execute the Web method, and look at the displayed output values.

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