Updating registry entries through gpo

Setting this value, as detailed in the post above, enables dual-scan for Windows Update which in turn has multiple nasty side effects. CB and CBB are in fact, the exact same version of Windows 10.Many folks like to point out that Microsoft releases new media when a version of Windows 10 is declared CBB and so that means it’s a new version. The new media is simply a convenience for those building images and/or deploying new systems.The version does not change and a CB system can easily be updated to the latest build by applying the latest cumulative update.It’s important to note here that version here refers to 1507, 1511, 1607, and now 1703 because these version numbers refer to a locked in feature set.

updating registry entries through gpo-59

Additionally, these statements seem OK on the surface and in some scenarios may actually appear to be true.My recommendation: stop using CB and CBB to define intent and only use these terms to define the actual, current build. Note that the Config Mgr product team foresaw this confusion when creating the user interface for servicing plans and used the terms “release ready” and “business ready”.Unfortunately, this was and is not enough to prevent the confusion.At some point, Microsoft simply says, it’s ready to be used for our business customers. So, how do you determine if a system is on a CB or CBB build? This page has those build numbers although it hasn’t been updated for 1703 yet: Windows 10 release information.Nothing has truly changed about the version except a bunch of fixes wrapped up in the latest cumulative update. If you have a system on a CB build, as noted above, to bring it up to CBB (assuming the version has been declared ready for business) all you need to do is apply the latest cumulative update. And how should you determine if you want to update your systems to CB or wait for CBB? If you need a tracking mechanism and you are using Config Mgr, you should do what you’ve always done: build and populate collections.

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