Vox amp dating

The 12″s are fuller, warmer, looser in the low end while having more mids and a more three-dimensional tonal spread.

Like all silverface amps, the Vibrolux Reverb was modified in the CBS periods to increase the clean headroom.

In today's money, that would be around £3,200 according to the Bank of England inflation calculator.

Its general format: a "Super Twin" solid state guitar amplifier, that is to say separate amp and speaker cabinet, 50 watts output, twin channel, with reverb, tremolo and distortion operated by a three-button footswitch.

The Jensen serial number starts with 220 followed by production year X(X) and week nr YY.

We have had a silverface Vibrolux in our gear basement with a set of blue labeled “Fender” CTS speakers (serial number 137-XXYY).

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You’ll need schematics to implement some of these mods. We usually start with explaining a mod from a functional perspective where we relate to components in the logical schematics diagram.

You can hear the sparkling tones coming from the Jensen C10q supported by the strong lower mids from the Weber.

There was plenty of clean headroom with the stock “AB763” tube configuration (12AT7 phase inverter and GZ34 rectifier) for funky chords and stingin’ clean notes at volume between 3 and 4.

Out of the box the silverfaces and blackfaces will fit many occasions and are therefore not widely discussed in terms of serious mods like, for instance, the Princeton Reverb.

Still, they are vintage amps requiring service and maintenance.

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