Who is amber from american idol dating

They love how much Amber has grown since the early shows, and in fairness to them she’s the clear winner in the Most Improved category.But the praise over the past few weeks has been overwhelming, and that continued Wednesday. You’re blooming for the world to see,” Nicki Minaj said.And even though there were clear winners and losers from the night, we all know that American Idol voters don’t always sway that way.They go with who they love and usually who they love can do no wrong."He would be fine living in a pop-up tent and eating ramen every day and I tend to be very ambitious," she gushes to Zooey.While most know Nikki Reed as self-centered vampire Rosalie in the “Twilight” movies, many may be surprised to learn she has musical skills.But over the course of their relationship, they worked on music together as a Civil Wars-like duo — and this week, their independently released full-length debut album is finally out.You’re all I want to know for the rest of my life.” Reed said the song, which hit air waves Monday via Ryan Seacrest’s morning radio show, was completely unplanned.

You get older and it’s like, how dare I portray my father as being a totally vacant careless schmuck?“I’ve experimented with writing lyrics for other people in the past,” she said.In an interview with People, the aspiring singer confirmed that he and Twilight star Nikki Reed are engaged.Jimmy Iovine disagreed with the level of praise, because there’s only so much anyone can do with a song that schlocky. “Candice was better,” Nicki agreed, while Mariah was outraged that Amber was to be blamed for the song choice as though singers have not been blamed for song selection since season one. And how Keith had just complained “Man, are there any one-hit wonder songs from at least the last decade?In response, Nicki decided to use much of the time allotted to her after Candice Glover’s performance to instead bring up Amber again and critique Jimmy’s critique. But I think you guys were smoking a little bit of the green icing on that Mac Arthur Park cake, because it was just so far from what she should be doing,” Jimmy said. ” after her version of “Emotion.” But at least Candice could take solace that she was treated far better than Kree Harrison, who heard Randy complain that “I guess I was waiting to hear something else from you this week,” when she finished Susan Tedeschi’s “It Hurt So Bad.” "That performance is not going to give you what you need for next week.

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