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On 2 November Bilan represented Russia at MTV EMA in Copenhagen.On 15 November 2006 Bilan received award for Best Selling Russian Artist and performed at the World Music Awards in London along with Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Nelly Furtado and Bob Sinclair.The video has already collected more than a million views on youtube and continues to be in the spotlight. The capital of Eurovision 2018 Portugal, the picturesque city of Sintra with its sea, rocks and forests, the interaction of two top stars, whichbecame real friends thanks to this common musical story, amusing moments - there is something to see! The version on Dima's youtube channel is focused on Dima, the version on Sergey's youtube channel is focused, accordingly, on Sergey. Backstage of "Forgive me" on Dima’s channel: Check out photos in the "Gallery" section Dima Bilan: "Having crossed the threshold of the 35th anniversary, I surrendered to my thoughts, listened to myself and felt the need to "roll over" and start with a new sheet. And "egoism" here is only a necessary measure of avoiding everyday life and vanity, so that nothing distracts from the Essential. That's as soon as I find these important answers - I will certainly share it with everyone!And now I am in the midst of these fascinating searches and invite everyone who is interested to travel together. November 8, 2017 in the Crocus City Hall, Moscow, was held a grandiose show of Dima Bilan - "BILAN. The only winner of Eurovision from Russia, the leader of rotations, charts and music awards showed the encore a unique show for his 35th anniversary, which the audience enthusiastically accepted last year.The last composition, which is the absolute hit of the season, the leader of the charts MUZ TV and i Tunes, was encoded in the finale of the concert!

Respect for my friendly team, my faithful friend Yana Rudkovskaya, Archer Music Production and everyone who created the album tracks along with me, which are stepping stones along the way. "" (Paradise) music: Dima Bilan, words and arrangement: Yegor Sesarev. These are the hot tracks of recent years ( » (I'll be in your head), “» (Watch), « » (You're like time), a new reading of "imperishable" (« » (Night Hooligan), « » (On the Sky Shore) , “» (Boom), "Never let" you go"and Believe ", which brought Dima the glory of the hero of Eurovision and many other brightest numbers.

They decide to give a charity concert with all the three participants performing.

At the end of the video you can see the boy after the surgery.

Then the action proceeds to a bar where Dima Bilan is watching TV and finds out that a child needs help.

He immediately calls his producer, Yana Rudkovskaya, and tells her that they have to do something to raise money to help a child survive.

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