Who is kt tunstall dating

Those from across the pond, will probably write it off as the year they ended up hiring a billionaire, tiny-handed, Shredded-Wheat-haired fanny-grabber as Commander-in-Chief. Praise be, then, for the gift of music, and all of its artistry, its erudition and its social commentary.

What more welcoming and uplifting distraction could we have had than the musical creativity that graced us in the last twelve months?

In 2005, KT almost sparked a public feud with the singer Dido, after publicly stating that Dido "can't f***ing sing." She later apologised for the remark.

Biography by Contactmusic.com2016 looks doomed to be the year that a millionaire, pig's-head-porking Prime Minister decided to 'let the people speak', blithely assuming to the bitter end that the good people of Sunderland must speak like he does.

In 2006, KT Tunstall released KT Tunstall's Acoustic Extravangza, originally available only via her website, though it later saw a full worldwide release later that year.

The performance was notable as she used a loop pedal (which she would later use live) to essentially become a one woman band, amazing the UK viewers and topping the post-poll on the website for that episode.

Since then the Scottish sensation has released five studio albums ranging from alternative, acoustic pop to a more recent mellow folk sound.

She has never met her biological father and was adopted as a child.

Her adoptive father was a lecturer of Physics at the University of St Andrews and her adoptive mother was a school teacher.

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