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Just a nice, private birth, with the family and the people they wanted here.” Other high-profile parents share that motivation. “He looks like his dad.”) “Rande was so excited,” says Peckman, who planned to join the new family in their bouquet-strewn L. In the 15 years since she first stepped into a Chicago photographer’s studio, Crawford’s all-American voluptuousness has graced more than 400 magazine covers (and countless bedroom walls, including Prince William‘s) and boosted sales of calendars, workout videos, movies and TV shows.

“When you are giving birth,” says Leslie Stewart, a nurse and the owner of the Home Birth Service of Los Angeles, who delivered both Lee’s and Thomas’s babies, “you don’t want to be a celebrity.” That’s not to say Dad doesn’t think his baby is a star. Pacific time on the night of his son’s arrival, Gerber called his mother, Ellen Peckman, in Miami and repeated his happy mantra: “Mother, we have a boy! ” Later both grandmas received digital photos of Presley by e-mail. Yet maternity has always ranked very high on her personal to-do list.

Osaka University roboticist Hiroshi Ishiguro returned to the show, this time bringing two robots.

One looked like C-3PO on an extreme diet, while the female android featured an unyielding creepiness that wouldn't have been erased if she broke out into Adele's "Hello."The demo for a packed audience got off to an inauspicious start.

To that end, she and a few colleagues have launched AI Now, an ACLU-backed initiative that encourages researchers to join together to monitor AI’s social impact.“What these dark days do is challenge us to be prepared,” she said.

“Done right, AI can be used to keep power structures in check.

CEO Alex Karp told The Hollerith Tabulator made by the Hollerith Machine Company, a German unit of the company which later became IBM.

The android, which is modeled after Ishiguro, held an autonomous conversation in Japanese on stage with an Ishiguro associate.

“Because as our biases show, machines could create a terrifying system in the hands of an autocrat.”Crawford cited an experiment by Chinese researchers that fed facial characteristics about criminals into a computer, which then was able to scan a random photo and “tell within 90% accuracy" if that person was likely to become a criminal.“We’re at a volatile moment, one where data could be attached to unaccountability,” she said.

Crawford urged attendees not to despair, but rather to stay vigilant about how AI data is used in the coming years.

Uber has agreed to stop using it to block regulators, while defending its purpose in weeding out fraudulent customers.

She also cited Palantir Technologies, the data mining start-up.

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