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Traveling to the Far Banks herself, Rogue was able to make peace with her mother's spirit.Soon after, a woman named Blindspot revealed her shared past with Rogue, dating from before the formation of Mystique's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, when they were a team, and Blindspot was the only one who could touch Rogue, due to the similar nature of their powers.A student of Gambit named Foxx tried to seduce him and was revealed to be Mystique.Mystique wanted to break up the couple so that Rogue could finally have a normal relationship with someone else.Rogue refused to believe her love had turned, but after Death tried to kill her a few times she started to let go.She still holds on to the hope that he will eventually return, but that seems like a slim chance, even to her.Rogue could formerly draw upon the combat and espionage training of Carol Danvers by granting control of her body to her alternate personality, a duplicate of Danvers'. Raised by her Aunt Carrie after tragedy befell her parents, young Anna Marie ran away from home and was taken in by Mystique and Destiny (Irene Adler), whom Rogue came to regard as her surrogate parents.

However, in his desperation to reach it, Owen selfishly betrayed Priscilla and, as a result, Priscilla sacrificed herself to protect the Far Banks from people like him.Such transfers lasted for 60 times longer than the contact time, with extended contact resulting in the possibility of permanent absorption.No upper limit had been determined for the number of beings Rogue could simultaneously imprint.With the luxury to choose her own team, Rogue put together a motley crew of X-Men and former villains, including Mystique, to stop the Children of the Vault, advanced humans who had attacked the mansion.After she and her team defeated the Children Of The Vault, Rogue announced her teams departure from the mansion.

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