Wine wow updating blizzard update agent

Now I only have one Windows machine that's capable of running Wo W, and it's an Core-i5 laptop with built in graphics...

I just tried running it in Heart of Fear (LFR) with Windows and D3D11 mode (since that's native.) I stayed about 12FPS the whole time!!!

It looks like the behavior of Linux when running out of address space for Wine is very weird... I'll have to look at this again but I've seen Wo W slow down a lot when the core size is around 2.5GB or more.

I definitely have enough RAM (4GB) and I'm sure there's plenty of stuff in RAM that could have been swapped out with no issues, but it ran out of physical addresses for the Wo W process - and the machine starts thrashing badly, X11 virtually freezes - I can't click buttons anymore, even on the Gnome desktop. Fortunately I could (easily) ssh into the machine and kill just Wo W. The hard drive constantly thrashes around this utilization.

And from this day on, the game stopped to work (it worked perfectly before).

I try to uninstall it, but as you can see it didn't help.

Currently I sort of maintain four installs of Wo W on my machines - 1. A Core-i7 using the HD3000 cloned from this install, and not unexpectedly it doesn't work either. A Core2 duo with i965G CGC running 64-bit Linux only. I tried partially wiping my Windows environment from my 32-bit installs but still did not seem to fix the problem (there are some settings I didn't want to wipe...).

A Core2 Quad with Radeon HD 5770 running 32-bit Linux only - this machine I normally play on. I'm not sure about that : the Wine in which Wo W wasn't working was a 64 bit wine, while Play On Linux installed a 32 bit one, which is working perfectly fine.

Turns out there is a Battlenet directory under Application Data that controls some of the updating.Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it.Update Star Free and Update Star Premium come with the same installer.I can understand that But in fact it appeared without even having to reinstall the game.My box was on accept_keyword amd64, and I switched to ~amd64.

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