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In testing with an ASUS PCE-AC66 3x3:3 AC card, up to 60MB/s writes were achieved to a wired host behind the 2890, consistently. No updates is also unacceptable for a flagship product, but understandable given D-Link's marketing of DSL products varies on a regional basis.

Relatively, this is a rather expensive modem which some of you may be skeptical of.

usb 2.0 is fast enough for streaming from and also fast enough to record to. I would rather it have 1 usb 2.0 (instead of 1 usb2.0 and 1 usb3.0), but have torrent download software built in. It is what it is – Perfect for me and I would say many others.

Hey Zaman H, As wonderful this modem/router is going for me so far, the one thing I wish it had would be built in torrent download software. For those interested in the hardware platform the 2890 uses, best I can tell from poking around the firmware via shell is that it uses Broadcom's Northstar platform for the routing and wifi like other 2012 derived AC Platforms This comprises of Broadcom's 4708 MCU and BCM4360 AC Wi Fi. I will be for before concluding our review process.

I have no idea what the ADSL2 solution is in as I can't find where the drivers are located in the firmware.

I'm assuming from the firmware seems this product is a hybrid , with the modem tacked onto the router platform rather than a dedicated gateway platform as with Broadcom 63xx series in many gateways popular here on Whirlpool.

Plus should get more feedback from users who've started using it.

Only down side is the current price tag which should drop down soon as it starts filtering into every common retail change.

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